Whizzinator: The Way of Using It for Maximum Benefits  

The whizzinator can serve its original purpose of giving out fake urine even when someone is watching over. The whole setup is a little costly, but the benefits it can provide, are tremendous in nature. The artificial urine is made to come out of a pouch through the fake penis in an unbelievable manner. This trick is used in tests to fool the examiner conveniently. On continuous scrutiny, there might be some problems regarding authenticity, as the examiner may be looking at you without blinking.


You need to go about your task in a little organized manner otherwise the samples will spill out. The whole device needs to be attached to your body at the appropriate place with the help of elastic bands. One hour before the scheduled time, you need to start heating the urine up. You will definitely not encounter any sort of defect with the product.

Myriad functions

Originally, the whizzinator was designed to be an adult sex toy. There are people who have fetish for even urine and pee. This is easily fulfilled by use of this product. The practice may seem dirty, but this product is completely clean.


Pranks with whizzinator

Everyone wants to have a good laugh and some fun. This is guaranteed by use of this device. It is so because you pull of a prank of urinating in front of your friends as well as family and make them unnecessarily angry. Incidents of that kind are often digitally captured and everyone has a good laugh.

The variation in skin color shown in the whizzinator, makes it a real favorite among all classes of people. All the prosthetics come at the standard size of 4.5 inches. You can use the powdered synthetic urine within one year from the date of purchase.