Vtech Watches-The Smart Watch That Your Child Needs

To the kids of today, just like precious was to Gollum, technology is to them. Their curiosity grows with passing time and so does their fascination with video games and challenging activities. Even as parents, one does want to provide for their children with the best of all worlds but at the same time, want to maintain a decency so as not to spoil them. It is at this juncture that vetch watches come into play.

Why a smart watch?

It is observed that children tend to learn faster via pictures and pictorial diagrams. Any visual memory is sustained better. Children also tend to connect information with visual proof and hence retain information better. These smartwatches allow children to conveniently interact, not only with the responsive LCD touch but also offer a number of games and activities that keep the child engrossed and open newer means of learning.

vtech watches

Amazing Features

  • 44” LCD screen
  • 2 cameras, one primary and one selfie
  • Ability to shoot videos in a sharp and crisp quality
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 5 fun games
  • 3 exciting and fun activities
  • 3 action challenges incorporating the motion sensor
  • Customizable watch faces with an option to choose between analogue and digital
  • 30 theme designs along with 3D edition and a variety of filters and border effects
  • Alarm and stopwatch
  • While the DX2 smartwatch comes equipped with all the features mentioned above, the star wars edition has its set of features (both external and internal) based on the space fiction.

Options available

It is available in 2 versions-StarWars and Monochromatic colours. While the Star Wars edition comes in 3 coloured versions incorporating the theme in all of its features, the DX2 offers a wide range of option when it comes to colours like-

  1. Royal blue
  2. Vivid violet
  3. Red
  4. Pink
  5. Camouflage
  6. Royal blue with a bonus Royal blue wristband
  7. Floral swirl with a bonus Vivid violet wristband

Value of Money

Starting at prices as low as 44.99$, these watches are built with premium qualitymaterials and a guarantee of durability and sustenance. It is understood that children are expected to be always up and about on their feet, and these carefully engineered products take every crucial aspect into consideration. Thesevtech watches are your little one’s best companion.