The US Has Missed Opportunities to Issue Sanctions Against Iran- Mark Dubowitz

Growing terrorism backed by the extremist policy in Iraq has been an area of concern for the entire world. While the United States has made continuous efforts to counter terrorism and promote world peace- The results have not been completely fruitful.

Mark Dubowitz, the CEO of Foundation for Defence and Democracies who is basically looking after the US Middle-East non-proliferation strategy, and plays a key role as an advisor to the Trump administration is not too pleased with the US Iraq Diplomatic strategies.

Iran Complains About Sanctions

While the US has lifted most sanctions that may act as a relief to Iran including the nuclear- related sanctions. Iran is keen to influence the US to lift all the sanctions. Including the JCPOA, the interim agreement during negotiations has provided the much-needed economic relief to Iran.

The lifting of restriction on frozen oversea assets also helped Iran to clear off a huge amount of debts, the Iranians are not really pleased with the US efforts and expect more.

Mark clearly has a point when he states that it is not the time to lift sanctions and the US has let go opportunities to use those sanctions against Iraq. He feels that the friendly approach of US didn’t help in reducing the extremist activities and a different strategy would have led to fruitful results.

A Brief Look at the Background

Mark Dubowitz who was born in South Africa received his Master’s in International Public Policy from John Hopkins University. He has been actively advising the lawmakers and the Trump administration. He has co-authored with numerous experts and provided informative articles relating to US Middle- East relations and ongoing terrorism.

He has also appeared in popular News shows organized by BBC, CNN, Fox News, PBS etc. He currently leads the Center of Sanctions and Illicit Finance of FDD’s.