The Penis Enlargement Bible: How to Get a Great Looking Penis?  

In order to simulate penis growth of puberty, all the substances present in your body at that time need to be introduced into the body again. Hence, according to the penis enlargement bible, you require taking a course of various supplements. These supplements are available in two different formats. The typical supplements are available locally in stores selling diet products. The other supplements have Chinese herbs which are known to promote the growth of the penis. The various tissues present in the penile area are all nourished by these supplements.

Exercises well than supplements?

It is clearly mentioned in the book, that certain supplements may have an adverse effect on the body. Hence you should do a bit of research before trying out the supplements, whether the American ones or the Chinese ones. Even if you are getting some side effects, those can be quelled by use of other supplements.

the penis enlargement bible

Exercising for penis

There are certain exercises, that you require doing on a daily basis to get a good growth of the penis. Most of these exercises do not consume much time; hence you will be able to do them, by staying in a particular schedule. The pe bible has all the information ready for your knowledge.


The part of the book speaking of the exercises, list everything in great details. There are loads of usages of the different exercises. There are warm-ups that you need to perform as well as stretching before you start off with the exercises.

If you wish to follow the things written in the penis bible, then you must be ready for at least 10 weeks of intense training. The workouts may look easy, but they are increased in intensity gradually. The pe bible reviews list these exercises to be highly effective in nature.