The Big Diabetes Lie Reviews – The Silent Killer Is Not To Be Blamed

Each one of us, at some point of time, has encountered this killer disease. Either for a relative or friend or a known someone.It is famous for killing us. Over 29 million people in the US, suffer from this disease. And a few more millions are silently suffering from it, without knowing that it is in their bodies.

Diabetes Mellitus

Lovingly called Diabetes Mellitus,doctors describe it as a metabolic disease. This is a disease where a person has high levels of glucose in theblood stream.The reasons can be the inability of insulin to absorb the glucose into the cells or the absence of insulin altogether.Symptoms of this deadly disease are frequent urination, thirst and hunger.

Big Diabetes Lie

The Big Diabetes Lie Review

The book is a journal of sorts. It aims to bring forth the truth of the disease in front of the world. The book has received inputs from various nutritionist and doctors. One of the main contributors to this journal is Max Sidorov.

So, what is the Big Diabetes Lie?The lie is all that the doctors tell you. They will tell you the disease is incurable. And that you will constantly be on medicines.These stunts are pulled off to facilitate their bank accounts with cash from pharmaceutical companies. The lie which the authors want to prove wrong is that it is reversible and curable.

The authors have aimed to bring out the main cause of diabetes. The LTB4 which facilitates insulin resistance in the body is to be blamed. The main theories that the book states, lean towards maintaining a healthy diet. A 30-day time limit has been suggested in the book. Many start seeing the effect quite early though.

The Big Diabetes Lie Reviews are trying to instill confidence in individuals to try the methods mentioned herein. Now, the book has got many things which are not true or not effective. That only time will tell.