Stunning Replica Watches from Popular Brand Collections

Watch collection is a commercial endeavor, driven by the likes of watch fanatics and the popularized by global brand awareness. Millions of counterfeit watches of the popular luxury brands, such as Rolex, Bvlgari, and Breitling, are sold each year in the US and European markets. The replica watches mimic the design standards and the trademarks of the original luxury watch companies. The replicas are made of cheaper materials like glass face instead of scratch-resistant sapphire and acrylic wrist bands in place of genuine leather. However, with the advancing technology, counterfeiters are able to replicate the original watches very closely.

Breitling replica watches

Growing market of replica watches

 Consumer’s perception of the brand, watch appearance, and functional precision of the watch drives the volume of the counterfeit watches. Rolex watches, for example, are a prime example of the result of brand awareness. Rolex replica watches are some of the most desired counterfeits in the global market. Being a strong watch brand, the design of replicas is focused on quality accompanied by detailed and high-resolution pictures and videos of these replicas on the online marketplace. The design and attention to detail can be so closely matched that it may sometimes be hard to tell the replicas apart from the original without direct comparison. Also, Breitling replica watches have been replicated for the design and its precise in-house Breitling movement. The complex dial designs and movements, along with emergency radio transmitter make Breitling replicas some of the most sought-after expensive replicas. Finally, Panerai represents a watch popularized not only by special editions of watch designs, but also from the precise in-house movement developed by Italian subsidy of Rolex SA. Adding to the mix is the technological modification of waterproofing and scratch resistance with sapphire watch face, the Panerai replica watches have dug deep into the replica watch market.


The experience of luxury brought out by the elegant design and preciseness of some of the high-end watches has fueled counterfeit watch industry. Further, the appearance of sophistication with the low-cost drives people to buy these watches.