Moti Ferder – A Real Gem in the Diamond Business

Men and women all wear jewellery, and Moti Ferder created an empire with his company, Lugano Diamond. Moreover, this company just won the 2015 official diamond for Hits Ocala Winter Circuit and Hits Coachella Desert Circuit. His company designs jewellery of finest quality which helped the organization acclaimed the fame in the diamond business industry.

Early Years of Moti Ferder

At an early age, Moti Ferder engaged with his family business for creating elegant jewellery. His family established this business in 1965 in Antwerp, Belgium. This provided the young boy with a substantial opportunity to develop the skills he possesses now on gems. This extensive knowledge aided him to become a master in the diamond cutting as well as distribution of it throughout the world.

Since his training started at an early age and knack for learning the family business helped him rose through the rank and reach peak of this industry.

Establishment of First Headquarter in USA

Fast forwarding to the 90’s he became CEO and also design director of Lugano Diamonds. He is the driving force behind success of his company and getting fame worldwide. As a design director with vast knowledge and experience, he helped his company create unique wearable pieces of art.

In 2005, under him, Lugano Diamonds opened its headquarter in California. Since then established an excellent sales team and handled others business aspects personally. Since then, this remarkable man has also opened a salon in Aspen and Palm Beach for supporting equestrian efforts of Lugano.

Creation of Marvellous Work of Arts

Being the design director of the company, he ensures that each of his work is “one of a kind.”  This earned him multiple honours and awards. Every piece, being unique and appealing helped him achieve his goals of getting what he deserved.

Moti Ferder is a popular name in the in the diamond business industry. However, he is also known for his non-profit charitable work which is commendable.