How mattermost is better than slack?

People have been using slack and were adapted with the small annoying things like losing history or paying for the app. When the members of your team or organization will increase; the data will become more and the price may feel too much for you. Mattermost can solve such problems with ease. And the most important thing is that is an open source as well it stores chat history. So now you can search any text in chat and not missing out any important information. It is quite easy to use and get it installed. Even if you don’t have any super IT people you can just refer to matter most blog to guide you through the installation process. You can also do it on your own.


You have both Mobile as well as desktop app available. It supports both Android and IOS environment. The interface is really simple making it look clean. The most attractive feature is that you can easily import all your slack users and chats history. Channels are also easy to get imported. But it is way more than slack. You have many upgraded features that cannot be compatible in slack. You can record in voice messages and send it as part of the channels. You have reply to thread option also available so that you are in continuation with the chat.

You have full installation guide available at helping you through the steps. Once installed, you will find the app quite convenient. You can also go through the demo available to make you aware about the features provided by the mattermost. From time to time, you will find updates for the app which will add productivity via messaging. Your messages are secured through channels. Trial before usage is also available, you can get it installed so you to check the convenience.