Guide on clash royale

Clash of clans game developers has developed this new strategy related game clash royale. It is an addictive Game where you have to build your deck to attract the opponent and destroy their tower. There is a time limit in this game as the one who will destroy the middle tower first will win the game. If you can destroy the tower within 3 minutes then both the team will get an extension of 1 minute, and within that time you will have to destroy the crown tower. The game will start at the training camp.


Important things of this game


       Chest: After winning every battle you all get some random chests. At the first training, you will get the wooden chest. You can get 4 maximum chests. You will get some free chest after an interval of 4 hours. You can also stack it up and then use two chests after 6 hours. There will be a crown chest which will get reset after a day. You need to make at least 19 crowns for unlocking the crown tower.

Clash Royale gems hack

       Gems: Gems is a very important thing of this game. After Unlocking the chests, you will have to use gems to buy more gold and chests. You will only get gems after the free chest or the crown chest.


       Gold: Gold is very important in this game. It is used for upgrading the troop to another level. You can easily purchase some cards by using the gold which you will earn after winning battles and unlocking the chests.


To win this game, you need to have good strategies, a great troop, huge number of gems and gold. There are many Clash royale hacks which you can use to win this game.  But for mastering this game, you need to know every feature so that you can use the gems wisely because getting gems in this game is very hard. You can get Clash Royale free gems by using Clash Royale gems hack.