Gay & Lesbian ebooks to pick today!

It’s not long since the book reading hit the fame to new heights and started with the erotica and romance novels with an edge. The new age novels focus on all sorts of bonds and the most cherished read currently is that of LGBT stories, lesbian novels, gay romance etc. The world is trying to enjoy as much of a distinctive read as possible and the publishing houses are not shying away from publishing these special stories which are selling like hot cakes. The key point here is that people are exploring new sorts of reading.

free gay ebooks

The gay and lesbian books to read

When it comes to picking the best of gay and lesbian genre reading, there are hundreds of options available. However if you could pick any of the best reads or recommendations, there here are some of the famous books to adopt.

  1. Lipstick Dom by T.Styles
  2. Desert World Immigrant by Lyn Gala
  3. Cupid Knows Best by Garcia S A
  4. The Gospel According to Cher by Garcia S A
  5. A moon too far by S A Garcia
  6. Always leaving by Gene Grant
  7. His Omega by A C Katt
  8. Gummy Bears & Grenades by Charlie Cochet
  9. Recoil by Evelyn Drake
  10. Storm Surge by Pandora Pine

All of the free lesbian ebooks are available on websites to be downloaded and read.

Ebooks for your favourite stories

While it is enjoyable to read through a hard copy, the free gay ebooks are fast catching up the market as they let you carry the book without having to show anyone. Read it on your phone or kindle, the downloaded file has the entire book for you to read while you are traveling or even when there isnt enough light around! The ebooks are more portable and travel friendly!