Equestirian Themed Jewelry

Who says jewelry needs to be boring ?Or perhaps the same designs that have always been in existence need to be continued on?The pieces of jewelry can be as varied and as different as the various people that buy them. Infact, different designs and different themes attract and can be identified by certain sets of people. This is one of the philosophies supported by Lugano diamonds.

Infact, the design director and president of Lugano Diamondsis MotiFerder. He grew up with horses on the ranch owned by his family. This inspired him to design a whole collection of jewelry which would capture the majestic nature and beauty of the equinineculture.This is not limited to earrings or pendants but a whole range of jewelry.

moti ferder

Moti Ferder as part of this equinine collection has various equestrian themed jewelry such as diamond earrings which are stirrup styled, there are necklaces and other pieces of jewelry which not only redefines the style of riding but also adds elegance, grace and beauty in addition to radiance to these pieces of jewelry.

The Lugano Diamondsequestrian collection is displayed at the EQU Lifestyle Boutique. This boutique is a horse trailer that is the traveling kind and is used to visit the most spectacular of equestrian shows. One can also purchase these pieces of jewelry online if they do not have the chance to visit the boutique.

These pieces of jewelry have brilliant diamonds which are set in 18K gold. This can either be 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold. There are also other designs which are available which can be customized based on the request of the customer.

It is due to the fact that these jewelry pieces are literally one of a kind, the designs have given MotiFerder international fame and recognition. He has won several awards and has been recognized by various publications.