E – Cigaret: Are these cigarettes free from nicotine?

 Are you a regular smoker? Well, in case you are, its time you consider the safer smoking option known as E – cigarette. These products are without a doubt an extremely safe alternative for those who tend to smoke on a regular basis. These products are free from most of the side effects that would ordinarily come along with the traditional cigarettes. However, the fact remains that the initial investment is quite high.

Are E-cigaretfree from nicotine?

The general assumption of individuals as far as an Ecigaret Landis concerned is that these cigarettes are free from any sort of trace of nicotine. Well, that is certainly not the case. Yes these concentration of nicotine is comparatively lower, none the less, these products do consist of nicotine.


This however, is greatly dependent on the type of product an individual is purchasing. There are a handful of such products that are absolutely free from any sort of nicotine. However, that is something that most individuals won’t opt for as the feel or effect it produces is nowhere close to what a traditional cigarette would provide. As a result, individuals tend to opt for the products that consists of minute quantities of nicotine. This in turn may turn out to be extremely effective in case an individual is looking forward to the idea of quitting cigarettes gradually over a considerably long period of time.

How much nicotine do they contain?

An e – cigarette contains about one tenth of nicotine content of an ordinary cigarette. Hence, the chances of the various adverse effects that may arise due to smoking cigarettes are greatly reduced which is a great news from the point of view of the numerous regular smokers all across the globe. The best part is that there are various such products available that aim at helping individuals quit smoking for GOOD!