Abraham Zaiderman’s Twitter account

Due to the popularity of Abraham Zaiderman on the social media, his twitter account has been accessed by a lot of people, many of whom are celebrities and VIP’s. The views expressed by him are very much appreciated by people at large. Abraham Zaiderman is considered to be a person who holds a good knowledge in internet affairs and likes to share his views frequently on Twitter. Among all the other things that Abraham Zaiderman has written by far, two topics that have been close to his heart are as follows.

  • Internet Marketing – Abraham Zaiderman had always predicted that internet marketing is the new mantra for success. With the setting in of internet, Abraham Zaiderman had foreseen the dominance that this form of marketing was going to have over the traditional ones and has shared this on Twitter. The revolution forecasted by Abraham Zaiderman is for all to see. The tools of marketing through this media is immense and Abraham Zaiderman was throughout confident of it appeal.
  • SEO interest – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one area that Abraham Zaiderman has always been interested in. Throughout his columns on Twitter, one can see the interest that Abraham Zaiderman evokes on SEO. He had maintained all along that content driven websites will rule the roost in the long term. Way back in time, the different processes and tools employed by SEO’s were detailed by Abraham Zaiderman in a very lucid language. That only goes to show the kind of significance given by him to SEO.

Abraham Zaiderman has also cautioned about the ill effects of negative SEO and has always quoted articles regarding this from other sources through his Twitter account. Due to his thought provoking articles, there are people who like following him on Twitter so that up to date information can be accessed through him. Anyone following Abraham Zaiderman on Twitter will be spellbound by his tweets.