3 Tips to Maintain Your Aquarium in Good Condition


Having a pet fish can be a hobby, a passion, or just a way to get in touch with your nurturing side. Either way, you will need to take good care of your aquarium. You can buy the biggest tank, the best fish tank filter, or any other accessory that might add a star to your aquarium. However, to properly maintain and repair the aquarium is the key to rearing of fishes. This article includes three such maintenance tips.

  1. Conditioning the water.

Water is to fish what air is to humans. Therefore, it is extremely important to condition the water for the survival of your fishes. Everyday tap water has a lot of properties that needs to be controlled for the fish to survive in the water. You will need to use a de-chlorinating supplement which can be easily found in your local pet store or on an online store.

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  1. Maintaining proper pH Levels.

The pH levels of a water means the measure of the acidity of that water or the amount of alkaline in your tank water.  You can easily buy a pH measuring kit from a local store. Most of the fresh water thrives between the pH levels of 6.6 and 7.8 depending on the species of the fish.

  1. Regularly changing water.

It is advised to change at least 25% water of your aquarium every month. It helps in maintaining a clean tank which is healthy for your fish. It also helps keep the nitrate levels in check. You can use gravel to suck out all the water and debris. By keeping the water clean, you will be helping your fish to live a long healthy life.

These were some of the tips to keep your fish healthy and clean. You can buy accessories for your fish like the best fish tank filter online.